All-Inclusive Balda Teen Driver Education Program


  • 30 Hours of classroom instruction (15 ~ 2-hour classrooms)
  • Textbook and classroom materials provided for in classroom use.
  • Permit application ($20.00 fee paid to Secretary of State at time of testing).
  • Upon completion each student will receive the Balda Completion Certificate for high school teen2completion credit.
  • State issued Certificate of Completion for Drivers’ Education License.
  • Choice of Basic or Private Behind-the-Wheel options. (See Below)



Choose Between:

Teen Basic Behind-the-Wheel Option #1 – $480


  • Basic minimum in car training required by the Secretary of State.
  • 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel Driving Instruction.
  • 6 hours mandatory in-car observation.
  • Each lesson will be scheduled in four, 3-hour blocks, consisting of 1½ hours driving and 1½ hours of observation.
  • All lessons begin and end at Balda Driving School.
  • Flexible lesson times to fit your schedule.




Teen Private Behind-the-Wheel Option #2 – $580


  • Parents may opt for private Behind-the-Wheel lessons.
  • 8 hours of private Behind-the-Wheel instruction, no observation required.
  • Five lessons totaling 8 hours
  • The extra hours will be used to fine-tune the specific needs of the student.
  • A good option for students who have a busy schedule or are nervous with other students in the car.
  • Flexible lesson times to fit your schedule.


Choose one of the above options from the following enrollment form for the September 05-October 26, 2023 class – CLASS CLOSED


Choose one of the above options from the following enrollment form for the November 07-December 14, 2023 class ⇓





Behind-the Wheel Only

This program is for students who already have completed Driver’s Education classroom at their high school. Students must provide proof of classroom completion.

Choose Behind-the-Wheel Only Option #1 or Option #2 from the following enrollment form. ⇓






 Individual Private Lessons 

  • For those who need additional instruction in developing driving skills, lessons can be purchased in 60-minute increments for $80 each.


Driver’s Education Course Completion Check (After completing Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel, check completion status here) ⇒https://apps.ilsos.gov/deccheck/



*State regulation prohibits Balda from offering Driver’s Education Classroom only. Permits can only be issued when Behind-the-Wheel is completed with Balda Driving School.